First Let Me Ask You A Few Questions...

  • 1

    Are You The Fastest Player On Your Team?

  • 2

    Are You Known As A Quick, Agile Player That's Hard To Defend?

  • 3

    Are You Strong and Tough To Knock Off The Puck?

  • 4

    Are You Playing The Highest Level Of Hockey Possible For Yourself?

Don't Feel Bad If You Answered "No" To Any Or All Of Those Questions...

...Because in reality most hockey players aren't playing up to their TRUE POTENTIAL.

As a strength coach that has trained many athletes and hockey players, including working with over 150+ hockey players in an Under Armour "Combine 360" in Burlington, Ontario it AMAZES ME how much room most hockey players have for physical improvement that will directly impact their on-ice performance.

Long gone are the days that hockey players can just show up to training camps, tryouts, or games after a summer of relaxing and playing a bit of summer hockey.

The best hockey players in the world will take a few weeks off to give their bodies a bit of a rest, and then it is right into the weight room or track 5-6 days per week to train their bodies to be able to perform at top levels.

For example, Steven Stamkos (arguably a top 5 forward in the world) was eliminated from the NHL playoffs on April 22nd and he is starting his 5 day per week training schedule in May.  That will be bumped up to 6 days per week of training in July.

I realize you probably aren't training to play in the NHL, but whether it be Junior Hockey, AAA, College Hockey or even just the Men's Leagues, we all have the same goal - to be a better hockey player.

While training during the hockey season is beneficial, the off-season is the best time to focus 100% on your training off the ice in order to improve your performance on the ice.

If you don't have an off-season hockey specific training program created by a professional to follow you will be miles behind your competition when the season comes along.

And while getting into the gym and working out helps, you need to ensure you are training like a hockey player - not a bodybuilder, not a soccer player - specifically like a hockey player.

I've seen the mistake of some hockey players who will buy a Men's Fitness magazine and follow the beach body workouts in the back of the magazine, or the hockey players who print of the free workouts online that are designed to give you some muscles, but NOT make you a better hockey player.

Do yourself a favor and train like a hockey player if your goal is to become a quicker, faster, and all around better hockey player!

OK, But How Do I Train Like A Hockey Player?

I'm glad you asked...

When constructing an off-season training prescription it’s important to incorporate five phases within the workout in the correct order. Whether it is a pro athlete being taken through an off-season training system or an up and comer, this is the optimal regime for a well rounded in-season training system.

PHASE 1: Balance

Balance training is always done even before the warm-up for a variety of reasons including:

1. Priming the body and mind for the training session.
2. Positive interaction with training partner’s and team mates during partner assisted balance exercises.
3. Training balance in a non-fatigued state.
4. Balance training has been shown in research to increase the neuro-muscular connection between the brain and the skeletal muscles, or what many people know as the “Mind-Muscle Connection”. Doing balance training before a workout to enhance neuro-muscular efficiency will lead to greater performance in the sport specific and weight training movements.
5. Greater mind-muscle connection results in more overall co-ordination and control of all movements. Leading to greater adaptations from exercise but also less risk of injury.

tireflipPHASE 2: Dynamic warm up

Dynamic warm ups are much more then just your standard warm up to increase body temperature, they:

1. Train movement and flexibility.
2. Psyche the athlete up for the training session.
3. Increase body temperature leading to an overall increase in performance and decrease risk of injury.
4. Allow synovial fluid to lubricate the joints.
5. Do a much better job overall as a warm up protocol then your standard jog.

PHASE 3: Sport Specific Movement

Sport specific movements are trained prior to the main compound weight lifting movements to enhance overall performance at a faster rate. We are training to become better athletes on and off the ice, not training to look like bodybuilders. That’s not to say strength / size doesn’t play a role in hockey, because it does. But when it comes to prioritizing your training schedule, sport specific movements come first. This is why:

1. Sport specific movements make you a better athlete, period.
2. Positively benefit speed, agility, quickness, high velocity direction change and deceleration.
3. They have the most “Carry Over” effect from the gym floor to the ice.
4. It makes much more sense to train sport specific movements before heavy weight lifting movements because sport specific movements will not tire you out before weight training, but weight training will tire you out before sport specific movements.
5. Weight training based training sessions are better utilized in the off-season to add mass and strength when it is your main priority. In-season your main priority should be performance and staying injury free.

PHASE 4: Resistance Training

Resistance training needs to be kept up 4 times per week to build strength and mass gains in the off season. Weight training is included to the off-season plan to support:

1. Size and strength gains
2. Create muscle insulin sensitivity for proper partitioning of carbohydrates in and out of the gym, or in English, more fuel for muscle as opposed to fat for fat cells.
3. Increase bone density which will help with your lifts and also decrease injury susceptibility.
4. Increase testosterone, growth hormone and many other anabolic pathways in the body.
5. Increase strength, flexibility, stability, power output, speed and endurance.
6. Increase muscle co-ordination and body awareness.

PHASE 5: Recovery

Recovery is just as important as training. Nobody actually grows muscle in the gym, training is only the stimulus for positive physical adaptations but the adaptations will never occur if the nutrients aren’t present to create that change. This phase is especially important during the off-season where we have the time to make the most gains we can. A large decrease in performance will without a doubt be present if you trained legs extremely hard the day before a big game. On the flip side, a decrease in performance will be evident in the gym after a big game. Making it very important to always be in a state of muscle tissue building (anabolic) as opposed to a state of muscle tissue breakdown (catabolic). A proper recovery plan includes:

Post-workout movement.
Foam rolling.
Minimum 7-9hrs sleep every night.
Proper nutritional protocol.
Proper supplementation protocol.

Why Do I Need To Strength Train?

How To Increase Speed On Ice

Improve Shot Power

In this video I talk about why hockey players need to strength train, what strength training will do to help hockey players improve their game, and why you need to make sure your training is hockey specific.

In this video I talk about how hockey players can increase their speed on the ice using strength training methods in the gym. We specifically take a look at the barbell squat, and I show you two ways you can perform the exercise to help with speed.

In this video we go over three exercises that will help hockey players increase their shot power, allowing you to take harder and quicker shots - leading to more goals!

The hockey specific training and nutrition program that Dan has me on has been WELL worth my investment.  It took just a few weeks before I began to notice increases in my quickness, speed and power and now the improvements in my game are so noticeable that my friends and teammates are asking me for training tips.  It’s crazy how much easier it is to blow by D-men when you’re quick and I’ve been scoring a ton more goals lately, usually from burning defenceman wide.  Thanks for the new quickness, agility, and speed Dan!  I highly recommend that all hockey players follow his training program in the gym.

Kevin M Ontario, Canada

By Now I'm Sure You Realize The Importance of Training Like a Hockey Player...

...and this is what I'm going to give you access to today so you can become a better hockey player this off-season...

  • A full hockey specific workout plan that is laid out in an easy to follow guide so that you don't have to wander around the gym trying to figure out how to train like a hockey player
  • Daily meal plans that tell you exactly what to eat and when, to ensure that you stay lean like a hockey player and ready to perform and top levels.
  • Supplement information, so you aren't wasting any money on over-hyped supplements that drain your bank account without doing much good for you.
  • Grocery list of healthy choices that will be included in the meal plan to get you in and out of the grocery store fast.
  • A complete step-by-step plan that will make you a quicker, faster, and stronger hockey player allowing you to take your game to the next level and have your teammates, friends, and opponents wondering what you did during the off-season to improve so much!

Introducing The Off-Season Hockey Workout System That Is Going To Help You Become A Better Hockey Player In Just A Few Short Months...

"Elite Hockey System 2.0"

What You're Going To Get Today:

Full Workout Program + Training Philosophy
-The background of the training program and how it got to where it is today
-Information on the 3-Phase Program and why it works
-The Full Workout Program that you will follow along with daily
-This workout program includes the exercises, number of sets and reps, and rest time all laid out for you in an easy to read plan for each day so you’ll know exactly what to do while you’re in the gym


Example Workout:

Nutrition Guide + Meal Plan + Supplementation System
-Guide with explanations on the best hockey player nutrition practices for gaining lean muscle while burning away unwanted fat
-Full Meal Plan customized to your body and current size
-Exact foods to eat at certain times of the day so you don’t have to even think about what are the right choices for your muscle building efforts
-Hockey game day nutrition guide telling you what will increase your energy levels, brain performance, and recovery
-Supplementation System created specifically for hockey players
-Explanation of recommended supplements and why they are effective, which will help you avoid expensive over-hyped supplements
-Bonus "Healthy Smoothie Recipes" ebook that will give you delicious protein shakes that are extremely healthy and taste great
-Bonus healthy meal recipes


Printable Workout Logs + Healthy Grocery List + Bonuses
-Printable workout logs that you can bring to the gym so you know exactly what to do when you get there
-Healthy grocery list so you (or your parents!) can get in and out of the grocery store fast, knowing exactly what you need in order to eat like an elite athlete
-Bonus content and videos to be sent to members


sean-hockey-borderSince I have started the workout and nutrition program (exactly one month) the main improvements that I have noticed are that my 8 rep squat weight has gone from 295lbs to 335lbs, my 6 rep bench press has gone from 185 to 225, and I have gone from being able to to 6 pull ups to 10 pull ups. I have also noticed huge improvements in my balance from doing the balance exercises and the hockey specific exercises.

Since I have been on the nutrition program I have gained 4lbs (205-209lbs) of good weight, I have become more lean, I have constant energy throughout the day and my rate of recovery is way better. The "meat and nut" breakfast took some getting used to, but I find a huge difference in the energy I have throughout the day.

I can't wait to see what phase 2 has to offer. This program is allowing me to reach my full fitness potential for the upcoming season. Thanks Coach Garner!

Sean Fraser, Canada

This Complete Hockey Workout and Nutrition System Is Valued at Over $600, But That Won't Be What You'll Pay For The Full System Today...

Although I normally charge $350 for a three phase off-season hockey training program like this and $250 for specialized meal plans I’ve decided to put an exclusive price on this Hockey Workout Program.

I first thought about charging $347 for the program to make sure I got my money back for the time I put into the system, but then I decided that I wanted to make this a no-brainer offer and extremely affordable for all hockey players.

This in-depth, easy to follow, scientific based Hockey Workout and Nutrition System is just $57 today and three more monthly payments of $57.

Think about it this way - this professionally designed off-season hockey workout and nutrition system that will make you a better hockey player is costing less than a single hockey stick.

Athletes often pay over $3,000 to train with me.  This price is an absolute steal for what you're getting instant access to.

If you're ready to commit to becoming a better hockey player this off-season - becoming a quicker, faster and more dominant stand out player - sign up below and let's get you started!

Just $57 x 4

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Old Do You Need To Be For This Workout Program?

This program will work for hockey players of all ages.  Young or less experienced athletes will generally use much lighter weights than experienced athletes, but this it is very beneficial getting started early.  We recommend everyone has a "spotter" while working out to ensure safety.  The customized meal plans were created with athletes 14+ years old, but we are happy to alter the meal plans for younger athletes - just send us an email after you sign up.

What Equipment Will I Need To Perform The Workouts?

The workouts will require basic training equipment that can be found at most local gyms.  This includes barbells, dumbbells, weights, and standard machines. If you don't have access to certain equipment needed for any exercise listed in the workout plan please email us and ask for a substitute for the exercise.

How Do I Get Access To The Elite Hockey System 2.0 After Purchase?

Once you make your payment you will be taken to a “Thank You” page that has full instructions on how to access the complete downloadable program. You will need to enter your name and email so that we can send you the members area link where you will be able to access all of the hockey training material.

Will This Program Be Available For The Entire Off Season?

It might be taken down at anytime. We brought in the resources to allow more memberships, but we may cut it off at anytime if we ever get behind on emails.  We like to answer any email questions within 24 hours, so if it starts taking us longer than that to give support to our members we will cut off the program for the off-season.  Don't wait any longer - get started today to guarantee your spot in the program!

Just $57 x 4

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